Our core expertise – firing technologies

It is the detail of our burner systems and process engineering know-how that enables
us to optimize firing technologies and develop new ones. Regardless of the required
heating system – gas, oil, electric and alternative fuels – kiln temperatures or
atmospheres, we can supply the optimized burner system.

In combination with our sophisticated process control, we realize the firing conditions
you need – reliably and reproducibiliy at any time.


TRUE BLUE Burners (PDF) *

TRUE BLUE a Synonym for Perfect Firing (PDF) *


Just some of the advantages at a glance:

  • High-precision controls of the supplied fuel and combustion air by controlling mass flows
    instead of temperature- and pressure-dependent volumes. Ambient air conditions and changes
    such as temperature, humidity and barometric pressure will be considered as well.
  • Single burner mode freely selectable from pulse operation through proportional control and
    automatic optimization of the burner jet to achieve constant heat transfer conditions with optimal
    temperature uniformity.
  • Zero maintenance – there is no manual set up of the burners. Not at the time of commissioning
    or after years of operation. No mutual influencing of gas and combustion air flows based on
    individual burner control.
  • Remote operation – the entire firing system can be monitored and controlled. Remote
    diagnostics and trouble-shooting is a common standard at CTB – from anywhere in the world!
  • Mobility – Transmission of alarms, variables and messages to a mobile phone – the plant is
    always "under control" even when the plant operators are not present.




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